Protecting Your Rights Aggressively

Whatever complicated situation you are facing, when legal action becomes necessary, the stakes are raised considerably. In that time when you are facing difficulties requiring legal help, you want to know you have someone on your side committed to your cause.

Whether you are dealing with a difficult family dispute or you are facing charges, you can turn for help to my Green Bay, Wisconsin, firm, HLR Law Office SC. I serve clients facing circumstances both standard and complex.

An Experienced Attorney Dedicated To Helping You

I have dedicated my career as a lawyer to helping my clients get treated fairly within the legal system. I can do the same for you whether your rights need protection in negotiations or at trial in the courtroom.

For the benefit of my clients, I combine an aggressive approach in the courtroom with a personalized method of delivering my services. I work with you one-on-one so you understand what is happening in your case and how it affects your life.

Part of that personalized service includes preparing you for every stage of your stage. When you understand what you can or cannot do, you will rest easier. In particular, you will rest easier because you know you are relying on my experienced legal judgment to make objective decisions even when matters may be at their most difficult.